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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

We got a review

A review of our 'Dot Dot Dot' exhibition, written by Rob Ali, was published in the December issue of Westworld, the arts and cultures section of UWE's WesternEye newspaper. I think we sound pretty good...

Exhibition Review
By Rob Ali

I found the exhibition, which ran from the 2nd till the 8th of November, thanks to the small dots placed around the Bower Ashton campus. Following them lead me to the space ,F-block 1st floor corridor, a nice play on the title of the show 'Line Presents...DOT DOT DOT'. The show was a selection of work by the artist collective 'Line', 6 Drawing & Applied Arts students, Emma Bowles, Bridie Dunbabin, Claudia D'Arezzo, Ella Paine, Lydia Staniland and Mehnaz Zaman, all level 2 students.
The work was created in an array of styles and techniques exploring the use of drawing and the various forms it can take, each artist having their own way of working.
Displaying the work in a corridor, instead of a studio, was refreshing and allowed for a more relaxed viewing of the work on display. It also made the work accessible to anyone passing through the space that may not normally take the time.
The work itself was very different however it was all pulled together through the continued use of the 'Dot Dot Dot' theme, each piece of work having three 'dots' on the floor underneath.
From the work on display, my favourite was Claudia D'Arezzo's 'Traditional Mandala' inspired pieces. Greeting me as I entered the space, her work, digital prints on board featuring vivid colours and odd imagery, is reminiscent of vintage wallpaper, the two pieces on display were well made and quite beautiful.The exhibition also featured altered book works from Ella Paine, a series of paintings from Bridie Dunbabin based on the relationship between people and nature, collage work from Lydia Staniland focusing on creating a sense of nostalgia through recognisable English images, three etching prints made by Emma Bowles that depicted the idea of creating a self portrait through personal belongings, and two paintings by Mehnaz Zaman, that portrayed the movement of time through an optical illusion.
Over all the exhibition was very professional, the selection of artwork fit nicely into the space, leaving room for a comfortable viewing of some great pieces. A small but very well done show by 6 aspiring artists."

I'll post the link to the paper when I found it. Was quite happy with the review, however noticed some bad editing in the actual paper article, hmm, maybe that's just me being too picky though!

Two of the other people in the exhibition have blogs as well, so go take a look!
Bridie Dunbabin: http://bridridie.blogspot.com/
Lydia Staniland: http://lydiastaniland.blogspot.com/

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  1. worth checking out claudia's exhibition running until the end of April at the Grainbarge, Hotwells. Inspiring.